Jersey City Area Pet Exams and Vaccinations

Get Your Pet Exams/Vaccinations in Jersey City

Pet exams and vaccinations are a part of wellness care, making sure your furry friend is and remains healthy. The purpose behind an exam is to give them a thorough look-over from head-to-tail and make sure everything is in working order. Should any abnormalities be found, further testing is done, and problems can be discovered before it’s too late to fix them. Whereas vaccinations, from the moment they’re given, protect your pet from diseases that are harmful or even fatal. Should they ever be exposed to diseases such as kennel cough, their body now has what it needs to fight it off.

What Happens During an Exam?

When you come in for pet exams/vaccinations in Jersey City, count on bringing in your furry friend once a year. What occurs at each visit depends on a myriad of factors such as their age and lifestyle. For example, once your pet becomes a senior, more attention is paid to health risks and changes that come about from being older. They will likely need to come in twice a year for an exam, instead of only once.

Meanwhile, for non-senior pets, the focus is on making sure they’re healthy, properly vaccinated, and have the proper measures to protect themselves from parasites. These include year-round preventative medicines for heartworm, ticks, fleas, and so on. Testing for parasites is another important part of their exam.

Here are the common vaccinations your dog or cat should receive. As with exams, these will vary due to age, lifestyle, and what your pet is normally exposed to: