Pet Diagnostics in Hoboken

State-of-the-Art Pet Diagnostics

We offer advanced in-house diagnostic services for your furry family member. Have a diagnosis and answers about your pet’s health the same day or sometimes in minutes. Because we’re a multi-network veterinary practice with experienced care, we’ve invested in the latest life-saving technology for your pet. Digital X-rays, ultrasound and EKG machines give us an instantaneous look into your pet’s body. Your animal companion can’t tell us what hurts and our bare eyes can’t always tell. Pet diagnostics give us the deeper look we sometimes need for the pets of Hudson County and their owners.

Ultrasound and Echocardiograms for Unsurpassed Care

With high-frequency sound waves, our veterinarians can find any abnormalities in your pet’s internal organs. The images are shown in 3D and give us an intimate look at things like your pet’s liver, kidney or spleen. Plus, it can tell us how many puppies or kittens your pet may be having if they’re pregnant. Our ultrasound technician is also an expert at performing echocardiograms and this gives us a closer look at your pet’s heart. Some of the conditions an ultrasound or echocardiogram can help us treat include:

Expertise and Digital X-rays

We are fully equipped to perform orthopedic surgery on the animals of Hudson County. Pet diagnostics are an indispensable tool we use for our surgical services and digital X-rays are one of our most used. Digital radiography is safer for your pet too, because it exposes your furry family member to less radiation than traditional X-rays. Some of the issues digital radiography can help us treat include:

Our veterinarians are highly skilled and experienced, but if they ever want a second opinion, we have the expertise of board certified radiologist Dr. Victor Rendano at our disposal, who also heads a specialty radiology group. Please contact us with any questions about our pet diagnostic services.