Current Promotions

Summer Promotion

Protect your pet from kennel cough and canine flu this summer. Through July 31st, receive 10% off when your pet comes in for their Bordetella or Influenza booster, or get 15% off when they receive both boosters at the same time. Kennel cough and canine influenza are both highly contagious, so be sure to talk to your veterinarian about having your pet vaccinated. Remember, this offer ends July 31st!

August-September Promotion

Senior pets require more frequent wellness and preventive care visits to their veterinarian. Since they age much more quickly, it’s important to stay on top of their treatments and anticipate health and dietary changes. From August 1st through September 30th, receive 10% off any blood work for your senior pet, along with 10% off their joint supplements/vitamins. We want to keep your pet going in the right direction, health-wise, so be sure to take advantage of this offer while it lasts!