SILEO: A Treatment Option for Noise Aversion in Pets in Bayonne, Hoboken and Jersey City


SILEO: A Treatment Option for Noise Aversion in Pets

Loud noises can be frightening to our pets. In the veterinary field, we call this “noise aversion” and we recognize that pets may react to this in a variety of ways. The summer months are often the most difficult for our pets as thunderstorms and fireworks may occur unexpectedly and cause anxiety and other symptoms. We are proud to introduce SILEO, the first and only FDA-approved treatment for canine noise aversion.

What You Should Know About SILEO

SILEO is an oral gel that can be administered between your dog’s cheek and gum using a syringe, allowing for quick and easy absorption into the bloodstream. Because SILEO is formulated to provide a low dose of the calming drug dexmedetomidine, your dog will remain fully functional and interact normally with the family, but in a calmer and more relaxed way.

This treatment option is only for dogs at this time, and it is an especially useful product for new puppies who are exhibiting signs of anxiety early on. Curbing anxiety in a young dog can help them to have a much calmer and happier adult life.

Does Your Dog Need SILEO?

How can you tell if your dog needs a treatment to help them overcome noise aversion? Below are some of the characteristics a scared or anxious dog may exhibit during a thunderstorm or fireworks show:

If you recognize these symptoms in your dog, please don’t hesitate to get help. Our veterinarians would love to talk with you about your pet’s needs and get them started on SILEO, for help with leading a calmer, less anxious life! Contact us today.