Our Union City Area Veterinary Care

At Dr. Michael Tuder & Associates, we are a multi-location veterinary hospital group, so when your pet needs to see one of our Union City area vets, you have a choice of where to go. Even better, it doesn’t matter which location you come to; our Union City area vets have the same philosophy at each one. We strive to provide continuous care for your four-legged friend while educating each owner about their pet’s individual care.

Here at Dr. Michael Tuder & Associates, both you and your pet are our highest priorities. We have state-of-the-art facilities and make it a point to know everything we need to about each pet’s veterinary care. With all of this in mind, we hope to see you for a lifelong relationship of pet care.

Our Union City Area Veterinary Services

No matter which location you visit, our Union City area vets provide the same following services to your pets. Here’s a list of some of the services we offer:

In addition, Dr. Michael Tuder & Associates provides pet acupuncture, laser surgeries, and even veterinary stem cell therapy. If you are considering these routes of treatment for your pet, we would be happy to offer them to you.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are interested in having your pet in the care of one of our Union City area vets, call us for more information or stop in to see us. No appointment is necessary. We have four locations ready and waiting for your pet. We can’t wait to see you and your pet when you get here!