Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs and Cats in Bayonne, Hoboken and Jersey City

Does your pet suffer from Arthritis, Allergies or Chronic Pain? Does he or she not tolerate medication every day or are you not able to give the recommended medications as often as needed due to travel or just busy daily life?

Stem cell therapy for dogs and cats provides an all-natural, affordable and hassle free solution that will improve your pet’s future health and quality of life. The long lasting results of stem cell therapy cost less than a year of standard drug treatments in just one same-day procedure, with no additional hospitalization required after treatment. These cells are not the controversial type of stem cells you may hear about on the news, these are your dog's own cells being used back in his own body.

Patient Receives Pet Stem Cell Therapy in Hudson County
Pet Stem Cell Therapy in Hudson County: Dog at the Park

What Is Veterinary Stem Cell Therapy?

Veterinary stem cell therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that helps your pet’s body heal its own aches and pains from arthritis and tendon/ligament damage. In a one-day procedure, your pet will have his or her own stem cells separated from a small amount of fat, activated and then injected into problem joints as well as intravenously. In addition to the stem cells, a substance made from your dog or cat’s own blood called “platelet-rich plasma” will be injected for further anti-inflammatory effects. Improvements in comfort are usually seen within a few weeks of treatment, with no daily medications required.

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