Pet Surgery

Dog and cat surgery in Bayonne, Hoboken, and Jersey City. 

Pet Surgery in Hoboken, Bayonne, and Jersey City

Please feel free to let us know of any questions you have about your pet’s recovery, either upon pickup or while your pet is recovering at home or recovering from surgery. We want your pet to return to bird-watching or ball-chasing just as much as you do!


We Put Your Pet’s Safety First

Many pets will need to undergo surgery at some point in their lives, whether it’s a routine spay/neuter procedure, tooth extraction, tumor removal, or something more complex. Here at Tuder Veterinary Group, we can perform a wide range of soft tissue cat and dog surgery services at our Bayonne, Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City, and Jersey City Heights locations.

Our state-of-the-art surgical suites feature the latest anesthetic and pain management protocols, allowing your pet to be as comfortable and safe as possible. They also include advanced surgical monitoring equipment so that every patient’s vital signs can be monitored before, during, and after surgery.

Pre-Surgery Expectations
Post-Surgery Expectations

Regardless of the reason for surgery, we know you may have questions and concerns. We’ll be happy to address them all before scheduling your pet. We don’t just want your pet to be comfortable during surgery; we want YOU to be comfortable, too, and to have peace of mind.

Before your pet’s surgery, we’ll perform an exam and pre-anesthetic blood work to be sure they’re healthy enough for anesthesia. We’ll also place an IV catheter for anesthesia, medication, and/or fluid therapy. Next, we’ll begin administering anesthesia and prep your pet for surgery, which typically includes clipping the fur at the incision site. When your pet is fully prepped and sedated, we'll proceed with the surgery.

Once the surgery is complete, we’ll gradually reduce the anesthesia until your pet is fully awake. Your pet will be moved to our recovery area, where one of our technicians will continue to monitor them. We will then contact you to let you know that your four-legged family member is ready to return home to you. Upon your arrival, we’ll provide you with discharge instructions and all necessary medications for your pet's recovery.