Downtown Veterinary Associates: Our Veterinarian and Animal Hospital in Jersey City, NJ

Our Downtown Veterinary Associates animal hospital was founded in 2004 and is staffed with veterinarians who are dedicated to providing high quality care for your pet. In addition to being a full-service veterinary hospital, this location is also a laser center and is our primary acupuncture center.

Veterinarian and animal hospital in Jersey City, NJ

Services We Offer in Jersey City, NJ

Our full-service animal hospital isn’t limited to just traditional medicine; we also offer integrative therapies such as laser therapy and acupuncture. The primary services we provide to keep our patients healthy include:

Wellness Care

Wellness covers several things: the physical exam, blood work and fecal exams, vaccinations, nutrition, and even behavior. Each year, we like to see your pet for a full checkup and to make sure they’re staying in shape. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions during this time, as well.


Vaccines increase your pet’s immunity to different diseases, keeping them protected and healthy. We’ll work with you to create a personalized vaccination schedule for your pet, so they only get the vaccines they need for their protection.

Dental Care

Does your pet have awful breath? Contrary to popular belief, bad breath isn’t normal for dogs or cats. It could be a sign of oral disease! Our hospital in Jersey City offers complete dental services including teeth cleanings, oral exams, and at-home dental care products.


A majority of pets will need surgery at least once in their lifetime. Along with spaying and neutering, our team can also perform exploratory surgeries, tumor and mass removals, bladder surgeries, and more. We also take every precaution to keep our patients safe and comfortable.

Our Other Services

Downtown Veterinary Associates is pleased to offer these additional services to ensure that your pet receives the best care possible:

Our Animal Hospital Hours

  • Monday

    9am - 12pm &
    2pm - 6pm

  • Tuesday

    9am - 12pm &
    2pm - 6pm

  • Wednesday

    9am - 12pm &
    2pm - 6pm

  • Thursday

    9am - 12pm &
    2pm - 6pm

  • Friday

    9am - 12pm &
    2pm - 6pm

  • Saturday

    9am - 2pm

  • Sunday


You can find the most current list of any schedule changes in the top post of our Facebook page or on our app.

Our Animal Hospital Location in Jersey City, NJ

Downtown Veterinary Associates is located in downtown Jersey City and is convenient to the Jersey City Waterfront, Path train, and light rail.

We are located at:
282 First St
Jersey City, NJ 07302

(201) 420-7387

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