Pet Virtual Care-Telemedicine

Online vet visits in Bayonne, Hoboken, and Jersey City.

Pet Virtual Care-Telemedicine in Hoboken, Bayonne, and Jersey City

Would you like to talk to your veterinarian from the comfort of your home? Does your pet get car sick? Is it hard to find time in your busy schedule to drive to the vet? If you said yes to any of these, then Telehealth might be right for you!

Please note that pets have to be up-to-date on their medical exam in order to qualify for a virtual visit.

brown border collie dog during visit in vet high quality photo

The future of veterinary care is here

Telehealth allows you and your pet to have a virtual visit, via phone or video chat, with one of our knowledgeable veterinarians.

Wondering what Pet Telehealth can do for you?

  • Save time and travel by not having to come into the clinic
  • Keep your pet comfortable at home during their visit
  • Speak with your pet’s veterinarian on your schedule from the comfort of your couch — we can even prescribe medications!

What conditions can be accommodated with a Pet Telehealth visit*?

  • Behavior or nutrition consultations
  • Checking of bumps/lumps or skin conditions we can see with photos or via video chat (allergies, ear infections, mild skin infections, etc.)
  • Simple diarrhea (if your pet is still eating/drinking normally)
  • Follow-up consults for medical conditions

Did you know you can also schedule your pet’s next Telehealth visit with our new app? You can also request food or prescription refills, access reminders, share your favorite pet photos, and so much more, right from your phone! Click here to learn more and download our app today!

*Terms & Conditions: Vaccines, lacerations, trauma, or any illness where your pet is physically unwell (lethargic, not drinking or eating) will need to be seen in our office. Your pet must be current on its medical exam within the last year in order to qualify for a Telehealth visit.