Pet Grooming

A clean pet is a happy pet!

Pet Grooming Offered At Our Hoboken Location

Here at Tuder Veterinary Group, we are very proud to offer grooming services for your pet.

Ultrasound & X-Ray in Bayonne, Hoboken and Jersey City

Pet grooming is essential to maintaining a pet’s overall health and well-being and has many benefits for both cats and dogs.  Nail trimming and ear cleaning are necessary aspects of pet grooming. Nail trimming helps keep a pet’s nails at a healthy length, preventing them from causing pain or injury to the pet to others. It also helps to prevent the nails from splitting or cracking. Ear cleaning helps to remove wax and debris from the ear, preventing infections and other ear problems.

Grooming is not just about making your pet look good. It’s also a way to check your pet for new health problems, like scratches, bald spots, lumps, and bumps. These are often signs that your pet needs to see a veterinarian before minor issues become significant problems. So, while grooming your pet, you are multitasking.

Meet Our Groomer

My name is Kristen Attanucci. I have been a licensed veterinary technician since 2011 working in both general practice and emergency medicine. I am a current member of the National Cat Groomers Institute. I am certified in Pet CPR & First Aid through American Red Cross and Fear Free Certified in grooming through Fear Free Pets. I am currently working on becoming a Certified Feline Master Groomer through the National Cat Groomers Institute.

My Ragdoll cat, Louie, has been groomed his whole life. I decided to educate myself and become my cat’s personal groomer. Swifty Cats was born in 2023.

I am dedicated to providing quality cat grooming with safety and humanity as my first priorities. I use only high-quality products on cats. If I wouldn’t use it on my cat, I wouldn’t use it on yours! While I know that not all cats are show cats of course, I believe that all cats deserve to be treated with safe, calm handling and be groomed beautifully. My mission is to provide a healthy, positive grooming experience for your cat in a professional and stress-free environment. All cats are treated with love and kindness always. They will receive the best care possible. I love cats!

I am looking forward to meeting you and your cat(s) and solving some concerns/problems.

Contact Kristen for grooming services at