Pet Spay and Neuter

Pet Spay and Neuter for Better Lives

When you get your animal companion spayed or neutered you gift them with a longer, happier life. Pet spay and neuter has a multitude of medical and behavioral benefits for your furry baby. When you get your girl pet spayed, you give her a less stressful life free from disruptive heat cycles. When you get your boy pet neutered, he is less likely to roam the neighborhood looking for a mate. Besides that, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re not contributing to animal homelessness in any way. Animals not “fixed” can have numerous litters throughout a lifetime and those litters can create up to thousands more animals. We’re happy to serve the pets of Jersey City, Hoboken and Bayonne New Jersey with this valuable procedure.

Giving Valuable Benefits

The medical and behavioral benefits your furry family member receives from pet spay and neuter are some they couldn’t get any other way. Some cancers, which can turn deadly, are greatly reduced by getting your pet spayed or neutered. Annoying behavior like urine marking and spraying is also either reduced or gone altogether, when the procedure is done while they’re still pups or kittens.

Some of the benefits female pets receive include:

Some of the benefits male pets receive include:

What to Keep in Mind

We monitor your loyal companion closely before, during and after their pet spay and neuter procedure. Some things to keep in mind as a caring pet owner include:

All our services are customized for your specific pet, so please contact us with any questions you may have about pet spay and neuter.