The dog park is ideal for you and your pup to socialize with other pet parents and their pooches. It is a place to play games and bond with your dog.

There are many great dog parks in Hudson County, New Jersey. One of the best is the North Hudson County dog park. Your pup will love running free across 167 acres of gorgeous green grass, and there are some fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Washington Park is another excellent place to bring your dog; it is full of charm and scenery. If you want to know the eleven best dog parks in Hudson County, New Jersey, peruse this article.

The Best Dog Parks in Hudson County

There are plenty of dog parks around Hudson County, New Jersey. Nothing is more fun than watching your pup play and romp with other dogs as you enjoy the fresh air and outdoors. If you and your canine companion want to find a great place to go to be social with other dogs and their pet parents, this article will give you some choices of dog parks in or around Hudson County.

North Hudson County Dog Park

This pawriffic dog park has gone through numerous lives and is at times referred to as Braddock Dog Park. The dog park and surrounding family park were named after the heavyweight boxing champion, James L. Braddock. Your playful pup will love the off-leash dog park. Some features of this park included:

  • Running water and water bowls for your pup to drink
  • Separate runs for different-sized dogs
  • Donated toys for your pup to play with
  • Benches for relaxation

The park is 167 acres and is quite spacious and beautiful. You can enjoy many recreational activities, such as making a splash at the water park, dipping your toes in the lake, and bringing the kids to play sports like baseball and soccer.

Washington Park

This park has a dog run for you to bring your pup to come and play. There is plenty of lush green scenery to savor and generous walkways to take a relaxing stroll with Fido. It is a popular and greatly loved park in Hudson County. Some features of this park are:

  • Flowery, ornamental gardens
  • Large trellis sculpture
  • Two inviting gazebos
  • Lovely picnic area

There are also baseball and softball fields with lighting for night games and a batting cage for the kids. There are tennis courts and three half-basketball courts. An iconic stainless-steel sculpture stands at the park’s entrance.

Harborside Community Dog Park

Harborside is a beautiful waterfront park combining three separate spaces. These consist of a large dog run, a small dog run, and a children’s recreation area. The dog run features a ramp, a doggie tunnel for pups to explore, and a fun obstacle course area that will give your pup a dog-gone good time!

There is also a large bench area for pet parents to unwind and enjoy watching their pups get in their zoomies. This park is fantastic for parents of both canines and kids and an excellent place for families to come and spend the day together.

Lincoln Park Dog Run

This pawsome park is the largest dog park in Hudson County. It has a double dog run for large and small dogs located over the bridge close to the baseball and football fields. If your pup loves to run, they will enjoy this wonderful dog park.

There is ample space, and the park is well-maintained and clean. Water bowls and water fountains are provided for thirsty pups. There is a bench area with plenty of seating and shade for pet parents to watch their dogs play.

Hamilton Park Dog Run

Hamilton is a lovely little park for you and your dog to enjoy. Playful pups can socialize with their humans and other dogs, as there are designated areas for dogs to be off-leash. There are individual zones for large and small dogs, too. A children’s playground within the park is perfect for the kids to come and enjoy supervised play. The play equipment is brand-new and in good shape. It is a delightful spot for the whole group!

Timulty Park Dog Run

Timulty Park Dog Run is one of the newest dog parks in Jersey City, just a paw print or two away from Hudson County. The ground is soft and protective of all paws. There is one large run for pups of all sizes. The dog area is fenced, which means that your four-legged family member is free to roam and play. However, the park’s size is not that big and it can become crowded quickly.

Newport Dog Run

Newport Dog Run is the ideal spot to take your precious pup to frolic with the other fun-loving fidos if you live in the area. Newport has four off-leash dog areas all over the community adjacent to the waterfront walkway. It is a pawsitively delightful place for big and small dogs to get social. There is also water for the pups and an abundance of shade for the duration of the summer.

Sgt. Anthony Dog Park

This dog run is located near the back of Sgt. Anthony Park. In addition to being an excellent place to bring your dog for a playdate, the park also has some great features, such as a community garden, a basketball court, and a children’s playground. The dog run is perfectly safe, fenced-in, and covered in gravel.

Berry Lane Park Dog Run

Berry Lane Park is great for taking your loveable pooch to prance around in the grass and run freely off their leashes. Leashed dogs are also permitted on the walking trails near the dog run. This park has:

  • Football and soccer fields
  • Basketball and tennis courts
  • Picnic table area
  • Skate park

Berry Lane Dog Park is a good option if you have kids because it has a children’s play area. The park also has a small dog run for your canine buddy to experience. Due to the size of the park, it is best for small dogs.

Van Vorst Park Dog Run

Van Vorst Dog Run is a lovely little park. The dog run is well-maintained and regularly landscaped. There are many interesting things to experience in the park on any given day. You will be treated to Shakespeare in the park, and sometimes farmer’s markets come to set up shop. There is also running water to hydrate the dogs. It may be small for big pups, but it is still worth a visit with your sweet pooch.

Morris Canal Park

Dog Parks in Hudson County
Morris Canal Park is a dog-friendly park that is popular with pet parents and pups alike, as it is a fun place to take your dog to play an invigorating game of fetch or frisbee. You can take a seat on the rocks with your pup and relax. The park boasts an unforgettable New York City skyline view near the historic Colgate clock. At this park, you can enjoy a stroll with fido and learn a few historical facts here.


There are many pawsome dog parks in or all around Hudson County. If you move to this area or are near one of these charming dog parks, stop by for a visit with your canine companion.

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